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Cairo Alight: a series on lamps

Cairene Lamps


Notes to the Unconceived #1

Don’t fail me by falling for pretty and popular.



Some of the things I will miss:

Walking everywhere at anytime without having one of my hands pat a can of pepper spray
Halaal everything
Egyptian halwayat (a key contributor towards the development and nurturing of my third […]


In my reductionist world…

…there is no honour killing, only honourable living.
No woman is forced in to or out of a burka.
The mind is valued over the mob.
We celebrate the fi6nah in our mothers over the fitnah.
We walk our […]


The Buried

It was 3 AM and I was digging a hole in the desert.
Christa stood next to me.
In the torch light, she was a fidgety monster patting a bundle in her arms.
“Is it done yet Tess?”
Her voice was gritty in the smooth silence.
“Almost there hun, you just hang on.”
She went back to poking at the swaddle and cooing in delirium.
“Uh-huh, I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry. Momma’s gonna try and make this better you hear? I’ll be better next time. I’m so sorry.”
I’ve been here three times before; digging holes for Christa in the desert.
You could call me a good friend.
Dependable. Complicit. Fucking insane.



My parents would have been married 28 years today.I wonder if I would have truly known my mother’s strength had my dad not been taken away.Widowed at 27, she shouldered her world so squarely, so […]


Wat gat nou hier aan?

We've been here for just over three months and we still haven't figured out what this framed tapestry on the lounge wall is all about.


Sweet Alexandria

In a glass lightly


Wadi Rischrasch

Sometimes, Cairo, with all of its rich fullness and grainy texture, displaces the mind's quiet.



My hands cradle the rising beneath my navel.
Moon-breaths dictate this ebb and flow of my repose.
It has been just three months and the miracle biology in my belly has rendered my profile alien […]


A fairytale for Aaminah

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a handsome prince in a big castle by the sea. When this prince was a little boy, he was cursed by an evil […]


We confirm…

... Lucille's in Maadi does indeed make the best burger on this planet.


therein lies the proof (or things to eat & feel in Egypt)


you are;


of sons and daughters (pdf)

Download the complete and roughly edited first draft of this short story here


…little ball of furrrrr

This is a shout out to Naeem, for whom a good meat to bread ratio is a thing of classic beauty.


Two years into Forever

Here are some pages from the chapbook I put together of all the words Naeem has pulled from me.


In the maws of mugamma*

The go-to captain slash commissioner of oaths slash instrument for the Will of God was so bad-ass, he smoked right under the sticker telling him he couldn’t. You don’t argue with the dude with the […]


Business cards – ColourNoun

This business card concept includes deliberate printers marks and text mark-ups.

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Desktop calendar wallpaper – Geometrics

These desktop wallpapers have been created at a screen resolution of 1280X1024.

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