Making space to write was one of the reasons behind my move to freelance. So far, it hasn't been working out too well. I've got a great method where I write down all the things I have to do, and then proceed to do none of them. However, today was a little different.

some sage and thyme for the sprogs

Our very own Meme Queen Kaye has been knocking the flints together and Shafs wants to know what ten things I would like the watermelons from my loins to know.

The friends you make

After a conversation with one of her colleagues on solo-kids/kids-with-much-older-siblings, my mum called to ask if I remembered the imaginary friends of my toddlerhood.

A twitter rhyme/twyme

There is a sin tax On my syntax. The words extort. Whirred exhort. It’s so hard to conceive, When the mind is a sieve, I’m […]

Who’s your dada?

For the down-low on Dadaism, get the wikipedia notes here. This experimental ‘antiverse’ uses selected phrases from spam comments garnered from my foodblog. Amison walked […]

The heavens will comply

Today is Slie's last day at frayintermedia. She joined us as an intern in 2007 and became a permanent staffer after serving her time. We fell into an easy friendship, jamming out spoken word in the smokeroom while she taught me bits of Xhosa and decided I was black enough.


After my er... theatric rendering of Kroes, a poem by Parasputin, I challenged him to interpret one of my writings.