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It’s not that I
don’t want you.
Almighty Forbid.
May that not be taken for prayer.
It’s just that
I don’t want you
right just now.
If I were having
guests over for […]

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Not quite the lolsheep. Eid Mubarak.

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Some meh offerings, I couldn’t quite channel the inspiration right.


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Blotting paper

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Its brand story is an inspired conception; a narrative crafted to knead and unknot that part of the consumer's brain responsible for decision-making. So as someone who once studied that kind of thing to pass a few exams, I know that Hemingway and Picasso didn't actually soak up their genius-vomit with the same oilskin-bound acid-free papers I see in Exclusive Books and hear with angel-song accompaniment.

after all these years…

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it was a fault of shortsight.

spoken word

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The audio renderings of selected poems in mp3 format (a pocket voice recorder makes for low production value).

For those who just never got it

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This will
pick at the knots
of your years
where stanzas and
rhyme schemas
were the ababa
of babies babble
and old men forgotten.
This will dissolve
the cement
of metaphors
such as like
beyond your mindscape
and […]

“Them that takes cakes…”

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Sometimes I kick geriatrics in the shins in the dark of half-price cinema.

Day 4, 5 and 6

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I was born on the fifth of Ramadaan. A Friday much like yesterday, except for the faint chill of winter that threads through June air.

Day 2 and 3

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There is a stillness in Ramadaan; a special type of quiet that wraps around us. A stillness that renders us malleable; a warm and pliable […]